Novello Terre di Pantaleo – EXV Olive Oil 250ml

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Made with Sicilian Olive Cultivar "Tonda Iblea" Harvested in 2022
It is a fresh extra vergin olive oil made with the famous Sicilian olive cultivar Tonda Iblea olives of the Monti Iblei. The olives are harvested in late September when the fruit is still green, young and firm. Olio Novello means an oil pressed from the green olives picked at the beginning of the harvest without filtering; this results in turbid and green liquid with finely crushed pulp remaining. It has a distinct aroma of green tomatoes and young grass, with a strong pungency and bitterness. Heating will destroy its flavor, so we recommend to sprinkle on toasted bread and salads, or added as a final topping to soups and pastas.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Kcal: 820
Fat: 91.5 g
Guaranteed minimum of days until expiration after shipping: 365 Days

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